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«1000 Дорог»

Ведущий туроператор по Венгрии

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In this tour, you will explore the nature and culture in the area in vicinity of Yakutsk: you will see the impressive Lena Pillars, get lost in the white vastness of snow; you will meet the reindeer breeders, fishermen and just locals from the villages; you will visit the Permafrost Institute and the Mammoth museum…

Day 1

Arrive in Yakutsk in late afternoon. Make an acquaintance with your local guide and have a transfer to the hotel. Check-in. Take your time and spend this evening at leisure to accommodate the jet lag and get rid of fatigue after the flight. Night in Yakutsk in the hotel.

Day 2

After breakfast, the guide will be waiting for you to go on the city sightseeing tour. You will see the old town with its churches, the Tower of Tygyn (the first wooden construction built by cossak Pyotr Beketov, the founder of Yakutsk). Pay a visit to the Institute of Permafrost to find out many curious facts about this natural phenomenon and to eye-witness it in the underground lab of the Institute, and to the Mammoth Museum, the only specialized museum of unique paleontological exhibits (fossils of mammoth, mammoth fauna). Transfer back to the hotel. Today, your guide will check your clothing and outfit; there will be time to buy some missing things suitable for the local winter conditions (e.g., valenki – feltboots, etc). Night in Yakutsk in the hotel.

Day 3

After an early breakfast, we are leaving by Russian 4wd car towards the village Magarassy (100 km). On the way, we will stop to visit the Yakut horse farm, where they breed the famous Yakut horses - these unique hairy horses, who stay out in the frost throughout the whole harsh Yakutian winter. The Yakut horse is the descendant of the Lensky horse, who inhabited the North thousands years ago, along with the mammoths and woolly rhinoceros, but unlike them it adapted and survived till nowadays. You will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the life and traditions of horse-breeders. Optional: horse-riding. Continue the way by car. Arrive in the village in the afternoon and get accommodated by the Yakut families. Have a walk around the village with the guide. Today in the afternoon there will be plenty of time to see the traditional way of household-keeping and farming. Night in the village houses with the families in Magarassy.

Day 4

After breakfast, we are saying good-bye to our village hosts and leaving by car to a location called Sailyk. This is our meeting point with the reindeer herders. After the safety briefing, we will be transferred by the reindeer sleds and snowmobile to the main reindeer breeders settlement. On the way, to show respect to the local traditions, we will stop for the ritual ceremony of purification and feeding the fire. Accommodation either in the guesthouse and/or in the tent equipped with stoves. Dinner and Russian banya.

Day 5

After breakfast, we will go for a tour around the territory of the reindeer breeders site. The reindeers and snowmobile are in our disposal for transportation. Enjoy this day unhurriedly – the time does not exist and never presses the locals. Take part in everyday work of the reindeer herders, they will appreciate your help. In the afternoon, leave for Yakutsk by car. Arrive in Yakutsk in the evening. Night in Yakutsk in the hotel.

Day 6

After breakfast, transfer by Russian 4WD minibus from Yakutsk to the village Elanka, with a stop on the way at the only Zoo in the coldest region, featuring the local fauna – “Orto Doydu” (Middle World). Continue the trip and arrive in the old village Elanka, founded in 1830 on the bank of river Lena. This village has a history typical for the little villages on the banks of Lena founded with the establishment of the first post stations. Nowadays the village is inhabited mainly by the descendants of those mail coachmen, who can tell you about the old way of life their ancestors had. After lunch in the family, they will take you for a walk around the village. See the famous Lena Petrogliphs (ancient rock drawings). Night in the simple guesthouse in Elanka.

Day 7

After breakfast, have a transfer to the fishing site Chokhoonoy. There is a good road till the Lena river and a reliable winter road across the river. Arrive at the fishing site in time for lunch. Meet the local fishermen, get acquainted with their life. Participate in the ice-fishing in the Lena river (by nets) and try your luck in ice-angling. After that, a snowmobile trip (with sleds) to the Lena Pillars is in store – with the stunning Yakutian landscapes, the impressive Lena Pillars, purest air... The Lena Pillars, an amazing natural phenomenon of separate rocks towering above the river, some of them 100m high, are considered a weird land inhabited by the benevolent and malicious spirits. With a bit of imagination, you can see among the rocks and caves their fantastic palaces, towers, castles. In the evening, return to Yakutsk. Night in Yakutsk in the hotel.

Day 8

After breakfast, have a leisurely morning and visit the Museum of History and Culture of the Arctic. It is the right time to visit some shops to look for unusual souvenirs from Yakutia. In the afternoon, have a trip to the complex Chochur Muran, located just outside Yakutsk. You will be introduced to the old traditions of Russian Cossacks. Here, you can try out dog sledding and visit the Kingdom of Permafrost, a long natural hall inside the mountain glacier where one can see the beautiful ice sculptures and meet the Lord of Cold – Chyskhaan. Farewell dinner in Chochur Muran, transfer back to the hotel. Night in Yakutsk in the hotel.

Day 9

Transfer to the airport and departure from Yakutsk.

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